Commercial Interior Design for Wingate University

Commercial Interior Design for Wingate University Welcome Center - Student Seating

FS Design Group created a Commercial Interior Design for the Crowder Welcome Center at Wingate University that combines history & tradition with energy & innovation.

The new design for Wingate University’s Crowder Welcome Center combines rich heritage with forward-looking education using school colors and complements along with upbeat imagery, open sight lines, and cozy nooks for close conversations. The furniture is custom-made using durable fabrics and sturdy construction so as to handle the day-to-day wear typical of a popular gathering spot for university students. April Gahagan of FS Design Group and Leslie Huntley of Roost Interior Design teamed up to create the finished spaces. They love how the students, educators, and school staff have embraced the space! If you’d like April and the team to create an environment your patrons will love, contact FS Design today.

The new interior design creates an experience of place and purpose for students & families alike.

Wingate University: Dynamic Energy Rooted in Heritage

Located 45 minutes east of downtown Charlotte, NC, Wingate University has as its mission to cultivate the qualities of faith, knowledge, and service in students, thereby developing educated, ethical, and productive global citizens. That mission is given an energetic and lively wrapping at the Crowder Welcome Center using an interior design from FS Design Group.

Commercial Interior Design by FS Design Group Asheville

The Dickson-Palmer building includes the Crowder Welcome Center, a book and merch store, gathering areas, admin offices, example dorm and classrooms, a Starbucks, and numerous other necessary areas. All these disparate functions in a single building flow seamlessly together thanks to the inviting and energetic Commercial Interior Design from FS Design Group. April Gahagan and her team took the previously dated design that housed a workout area and computer lab, along with the bookstore, game rooms, and a large Starbucks, and redesigned the interior to a fun place to meet and hang out. Originally built in the late 70s, the building now presents a modern, fresh environment where students can feel the tradition but don’t feel limited by it.

A Commercial Interior Designed to Welcome Students

Inside the Dickson-Palmer Building is the recently redesigned Crowder Welcome Center, the perfect introduction to lively campus life, hosting newly arrived bulldog families as well as student organizations and gatherings. The building includes a demonstration classroom for professors and learners, a commons area for student interactions, a campus store for supplies and merch, plus a very popular Starbucks that is an integral hub for student life.

The Welcome Center also serves as the home base for the Wingate Admissions Office in the Frank Davis Admissions Suite. An inviting reception area in the lobby allows admissions staff to welcome prospective students in a central seating area. multiple conversation rooms permit enrollment officers and student candidates to get acquainted and discuss the admissions process or student aid programs. The suite also includes offices a sample dorm room and a 75-seat auditorium.

The main building includes a large space for student organizations to meet; the Academic and Career Development Center; the Student Veterans Organization; and the offices of the Business Intelligence and Marketing & Events departments. In the center of the building, the commons area gives students a spot for students and visitors to gather, and the Campus Store has all the Bulldogs gear a fan could need.

All these offices, admin areas, and gathering spots are unified in a fun and energetic design from FS Design Group.